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About Us

We are a non-profit-making-volunteer run Arts Collective currently transitioning to large Charity status. Fledgling provide a platform both online (and soon offline, when we have funding) for those who struggle with mental health, addiction,gender dysphoria,sexuality, feel like they don't quite 'fit',or feel estranged to this world.We encourage you to express yourselves through art as catharsis.Combining Art & Catharsis , we believe in being CathARTic.
 We believe the arts are a great elixir.
 All those who empathise and feel akin with our beliefs are Welcome also.

 A non-profit making arts collective.
 Creativity is our currency.
 We work with a 'pay it forward'/ 'alternative Giving ethos of exchanging the arts for positive and encouraging feedback from our team of art-crazy Volunteers. And we encourage our members to do the same. In embracing our ethos we believe it will have a ripple effect of giving, kindness and love in our lives in general.

We believe that by creating art purely for catharsis in the process it usually results in a more pure version of the arts. Therefore we are not somewhere that advertises the sale of the arts, unless for fundraising. And we also know that expressing ourselves through Creativity makes us all feel great and empowered! Fledgling Arts Collective Central believe that there are no 'amateurs' in the Arts & Creativity- WE ARE ALL ARTISTS.

Our Volunteers at Fledgling offer their time out of love and a passion for what we are trying to achieve, and all of our Volunteers are people who have struggled in ways similar to our members so we can offer firsthand insight.

We Believe the Arts & Creativity can change the world for the better.

 We believe there can be unity in spite of diversity.

 We believe that positivity & love are contagious.

 We Believe in showing each other kindness.

 We Believe in encouraging each other.

 We Believe in Alternative Giving & Paying It Forward.

 We Believe in Breaking conventions.

 We Believe in embracing our unique selves and & Being Proud of who we are.

 We Believe in embracing Difference.

 Jewels Johnson Founder Of Fledgling Editor Poet Artist outreach PR · London, United Kingdom
 Says 'It's good to flex that creative mojo'.
 We provide an exciting ground-breaking arts collective who provide a worldwide platform & community both online and offline for those with mental health struggles , addiction,gender dysphoria, or who feel like square pegs - to express themselves through art as catharsis & We welcome all those who empathise and support our ethos and want to help us grow.

Fledgling Arts Collective Central ::WE ARE ALWAYS LOOKING FOR NEW ONLINE VOLUNTEERS & EXHIBITIONS & EVENTS TO GET INVOLVED IN- PLEASE PM us on Facebook or email us at :: : )

 The arts is an area where we are all free to express ourselves , be liberated in a way that we can't in our usual regimented , institutionalised world. It's a place where we don't have to colour within the lines , but we can go over the edges and...well..who knows where that might lead....
 We can stretch out ,grow, let our expression flow out online and right off the page and into the world, spread our Creative wings and show all the spectrum of colours we each individually bring. \
 We see the arts as emancipation and an area where we can all be unified by transmitting and sharing expression , unified by love , the arts and expression.

 Together we can Soar!

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