Our Volunteers at Fledgling offer their time out of love and a passion for what we are trying to achieve, and all of our Volunteers are people who have struggled in ways similar to our members so we can offer firsthand insight.


Shivraj Sekhon
Senior Manager & Jewels other Right hand man!

Shivraj has been at the helm of Fledgling for a good while now and is a dedicated Senior Manager helping Fledgling's dreams come into being! 

"My hobbies are going to gym, travelling and I have great interest in History. I used to work in the Tower of London and The Charterhouse London. I also like to do volunteer work. I worked for Cancer research UK. I was invited by  Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II in her summer garden party 2017 at Buckingham Palace. I feel proud to be part of the wonderful Fledgling team and very thankful for having the opportunity to be part of the Fledgling family. "