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Our Volunteers at Fledgling offer their time out of love and a passion for what we are trying to achieve, and all of our Volunteers are people who have struggled in ways similar to our members so we can offer firsthand insight.


Dale Sencier 
Fledgling PA to Jewels 
(& One of Jewels's Right Hand Men!)

Dale has been with Fledgling since it's very early days and is an invaluable member of the Fledgling Volunteer Nestbox, helping to actualise Fledgling's Vision. 

Hi my name is Dale, I live in Essex , Clacton on sea and I love to do campaigning and volunteering. I have had mental health struggles and want to help people with similar experiences and raise awareness of mental health and keeping mentally healthy. Fledgling is a wonderful community and opportunity to do this, I am very happy to be here taking part !


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