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Our Volunteers at Fledgling offer their time out of love and a passion for what we are trying to achieve, and all of our Volunteers are people who have struggled in ways similar to our members so we can offer firsthand insight.


Zandile Khambula 

Outreach Team Leader & Senior Manager

Outreach Wing our newest Wing and service at Fledgling. Zandile has already made a brilliant start at creating a safe and confidential environment for our members with her Fab and fast growing team.

"Hello, I'm Zandile and I am from South Africa. I am a full time Business Management student graduating soon and hopefully will enrol to study psychology which is my dream career by next year. I work as a part time tutor for high school students. I have always been passionate about mental health and spreading the word and awareness through my love of art. I write poems and in most of my poems I raise awareness about mental heath issues. 
Its fantastic being part of such an amazing organisation with like-minded members!"

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