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News and Events

 Fledgling Arts Collective Central are currently raising funds so that we can provide a full Outreach service with qualified therapists (this is our primary goal). We also plan to open a small Indie Publishing house so that we have a way of giving our members a voice , and so that people can gain an insight into the kind of struggles our members have. We will also raise funds to complete our Fledgling vision, such as, gathering places, events & PR/Marketing to spread our ethos on as wide a scale as possible.

During Lockdown, we have had some incredible Fledgling friends offering special free online events just for our Fledgling community! 

We are so thankful to each of them ! And can't wait to offer more!

No need to be Bored. Bored. Bored at home join us and we'll provide the entertainment- - free!


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Sachi Hola 

Sachi Hola offered us a FAB Facebook Livestream of her Brilliant Boomba Workout! on behalf of Fledgling! 

Our members joined us from home and got creative with their dance moves choreographed by Sachi! Dance based exercise to Latin music  is sooooooooo good for your mental health ! And Sachi makes everything fun and fantastic!

We hope to offer more sessions with Sachi Hola! in the future. 

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* Fledgling Arts Collective Central are a global, completely Volunteer-run online community that encourages using creativity as catharsis - not just during the lockdown - but all year round! We believe the power of creative expression has unique benefits to our mental well-being. 

If you would like to get involved , please message me - Jewels* -


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